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Local Attractions In Kancheepuram


A city of great traditions, flaunting its alluring old-age charm;
at the same time surprising visitors with enchanting locations to spend their vacations. Kancheepuram combines its glorious past with its effervescent spirit to give you unique experiences of a lifetime.

One might have heard of the world-famous Kancheepuram Sarees that have been adorning South Indian brides for decades. However the destination itself is much more than these amazing sarees. Kancheepuram is such a special town that takes you back in time and drench you with its old-world charm and cultural richness. One of the most visited tourism destinations in India, Kancheepuram is a destination where history comes to life in all its glory. 

What makes the town truly stand out is the architectural splendor of various structures that adorn the region. Believed to be more than a thousand years old, the city was ruled by various dynasties including Cholas, Pallavas, Vijayanagar and subsequently the British. The brilliance of Dravidian architecture and the intricate details it boasts of can be seen across the town. 

Another feather that embellishes the crown of Kancheepuram is its epithet as the ‘Golden City Of A Thousand Temples’. There are a number of amazing temples in and around Kancheepuram that attract pilgrims and tourists from even far away lands. These divine places of worship are architectural wonders themselves, rich in sculptures, art and ageless elegance. 

Not to mention the flora and fauna present abundantly in the picturesque sanctuaries located in the outskirts of the town. The Palar river flows serenely through the western part of the city, adding to the natural bliss of the destination


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